My first group: "Central City".  That would be my partner S.G; myself Bigg Tragic a.k.a. Kneena Capone (at the time), and our member at large, Hit from the LBC.  Our content is more edgier, a harder party, but still a party!  We did two CD's together; it was our growing stage.  We did not release our first CD, however I have made a few of the songs available on sound cloud.  Our second CD is available for digital download; it's called "Floss";  we were continuing to grow as artist, producers and engineers, making our sound stronger.  We are still the best of friends, and hope for a chance to reunite and put together a new, even stronger Central City project.



Aaleyacis Kobana

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The Album: "FUNKY BABY" - Available Dec. 1st 2017

The Single "Thrill of a lifetime"; available now.